Word of the Day – Dzenana Vucic

The word of the days is epistemic

and I want to let you know;

to text you like I would have, even a year ago

when our end-of-relationship was still enjoying

an occasional fuck when you were sad

and a misplaced notion that one of those late-night rendezvous

would be different / you’d come back / et cetera.

You know, before we had turned the air between us

into accusations and repeated claims of no more, fini

Back then I was still taking candid photos of you,

or men who looked like you — doppelgangers

walking down Rathdowne Street or through Piedemontes;

two rows in front at Nova, hip flask in hand; or

on dates with girls sitting at bar windows.

Tall blonde men are a dime a dozen, you could even say prosaic,

yet each time I re-experienced gravity

like a punch in the chest and thought it somehow

meaningful to be still so full of dolor

It hardly seems to matter now, all the wild ferment

of that strained yearning; seems almost funny

to have been so ripe with needy clemency,

so desperate to make up and make out,

so easily subdued after a fuck or four,

and the stain of your tears on my chest.

But I’m the kind of girl to make love to the subjunctive,

and your would if I could was oysters and ground rhino horn

and anyway, no one had ever held me with such tender avarice

By the time I forget this poem, it will be months later

and the word of the day will be mythoclast.



Dzenana Vucic is a Bosnian-Australian writer, editor and critic usually based in Melbourne but currently living in the tiny village of Trusina, Bosnia. Dzenana does stuff with The Lifted Brow and Brow Books, reads poetry for Overland and is the former Associate Editor for Arts, Culture and Books at In Review. She has been published in In Review, Film Focus, Dialect, Lip Magazine and Junkee.com.