Threnody – Jen Barry

One hundred and thirty-six wedge tailed eagles

Killed on Gunaikurnai lands

Arrogant men

Poisoned, left for dead

Unceremoniously hidden in scrubland

Cruel men

Ravens and kookaburras poisoned too

Feathered wreaths your deathbeds

Cowardly men

Men, farming ancestral land

In backward, benighted ways

Ignorant men

Step away

Harmful, violent, angry, spiritless men

Sound the death knell

Signal an augury of flight of men farming the way you do

There’s nothing more nature should be made give to men like you


Jen Barry lives off-grid in beautiful bushland in Wiradyuri country planting trees, tending an orchard and enjoying the wildlife. She works as a bookseller and is co-organiser of the Bathurst Writers' and Readers' Festival'.