We want to hear unique voices. Writing that makes us uncomfortable. Writing that doesn't adhere to norms. 

Here are some of our favourite pieces:

Image: Round The Twist, Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)

Image: Round The Twist, Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)

  • Julie Koh: Portable Curiosities
  • Robbie Arnott: Flames
  • Jamie Marina Lau: Pink Mountain On Locust Island
  • Shaun Prescott: The Town
  • Elizabeth Tan: Rubik
  • Saeed Jones: Prelude to Bruise
  • Claire G. Coleman: Terra Nullius
  • Eric Yoshiaki Dando: Oink, Oink, Oink
  • Dorothy Porter: The Monkey's Mask
  • Cory Taylor: Dying: A Memoir
  • Maria Tumarkin: Axiomatic
  • Tiger's competition calling in the original series of Round The Twist: See the episode Spaghetti Pig Out for more information.

These are just a guide to the sort of writing we enjoy, not all we want to hear. 

We, at STR, are open to all forms of creative writing. Fiction, poetry, memoir, essay, script/screenplay, some conglomerate McFlurry™ style mix of the above. Chunky, half-blended Oreos™ are encouraged!

We pay $20 (AUD) to all writers published. This is not because we believe your work is only worth that much, simply because we can't afford to pay more, but still recognise that all writers deserve to be paid. Alternatively, we can send you an STR logo patch (currently in production) and your payment will be donated to the Healing Foundation. (for more info see: http://healingfoundation.org.au) In addition readers have the chance to 'tip' the writer. This money goes to you, the writer! wholly and completely.

All rights remain with the author, we understand that we are a small group and your work deserves a larger audience; but we would appreciate a byline/shout-out if your work is republished elsewhere.

For submissions: 1-3 pieces of flash fiction, 1-3 poems, 1 piece of longer work. But we're open to negotiation.

Send any and all submissions to: submissions@smalltownrejects.org